What’s with the name?

The name of this blog was originally SustainabilityChronofile – a term I made up to pay homage to Buckminster  Fuller’s diary, “Dymaxion Chronofile”, and his book, “Spaceship Earth.”  I find sustainable living satisfying but as a Republican (now an Independent) want to look into the details and determine what part of Green Living is feasible economically and/or socially.


4 Responses to What’s with the name?

  1. Matthew Ryan says:

    Holy shit!!! You’re Republican? Does your wife know?

    • om6xx says:

      The idea is growing on her, but off of me. Seems that both sides are locked in ideals which I guess is because macro issues are too complicated for anyone to understand. This is why I mentioned it in my blog though – trying to get away from ideals and into facts brotha. It’s like you said, no one can afford a perfect LEED rating.

  2. Jon Robinson says:

    Does being a republican mean that you would vote for Michelle Bachmann over Obama?

    • om6xx says:

      Um, nah. Sounds like you also think being part of a party determines who you vote for. I did not realize that until lately and will register Independent to avoid making the wrong first impression in the future.

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