How this Sustainable Monkey (SustainKey) embraces sustainability and efficiency in the day to day.  Initially contributions here will focus on just how much more efficient the diesel engine is than it’s gasoline counterpart, as well as fuels: biodiesel (in particular that made from slaughterhouse and kitchen waste) and straight vegetable oil.  My education was in computational physics so I will draw your attention to contributions  to this topic from computational fluid dynamics as well.  My enthusiasm about geothermal and solar thermal resources will influence my focus as well as gardening, composting, landfills, water use and the value of renewable energy credits.  Please comment to help clarify the details of a topic I take on or to highlight an area not covered.

I also contribute to the Denver Biodiesel Co-op, in particular the voice enabled avatar on their FAQ page.



A target list of pages I intend to produce.  The ones highlighted with a link are complete.